Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Other Side of the Coin: Accelerated Students Online

I have spent a lot of time writing about my at-risk students because they are the majority of the population in my class. However, I have students from all kinds of backgrounds and there are many different reasons that students choose an online education. In my own classroom I have a student who chose an online school so she can attend college and participate in community service while in high school. She has college classes all day and then returns home to complete her high school classes. She is a senior in National Honor Society and has been recognized for her academic achievement by the College Board. Her artwork is always creative and well done. Another student of mine is a successful musician and has a busy schedule because of performances, tours, and recording. He chose to finish up his high school career online because of the flexibility it offers and he will be graduating in January. My school also caters to students who are professional actors, dancers, and gymnasts. These students are generally very self-driven and goal oriented. I push them to do more with their assignments and encourage them to continue taking art classes or join art club (yes we have an art club!). There is a belief that students who choose online school have all dropped out or are underachieving, but that is not the case. This type of environment supports the flexibility that many students need.
Here are some examples of work done by these busy students:

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